Apple devices aren’t as safe as you may think…

When you think of Apple, you tend to think that you are safe from getting a virus on your device.  Many people, whether they’re an Android and Microsoft lover or not, have integrated some sort of Apple product into their life in some way.  Whether it is your iPhone, iPad, home computer or work computer – a lot of important information is stored on these devices and we’ve come to expect that if it’s an Apple product, we don’t have to worry about it getting infected with a virus or stolen by a hacker.

Well, now the game has changed.  As you saw in an earlier blog post we wrote about a Trojan Flashback botnet that targeted Mac computers.  Not only that, but a lot of hackers are either finding ways or trying to find ways to hack into your iPhone.  Luckily, Apple is now taking these threats a bit more seriously, letting go a little of their pride and have made a revision to their website.  Instead of stating “It doesn’t get PC viruses” it now reads “It’s built to be safe.”

So again, while we think of Apple as not being prone to getting viruses, just now know that they, just like every other computer, are in fact susceptible.  Based on this new reality, it would be smart to invest in some antivirus protection, which you can buy directly from the Apple website here.  Also, Apple has addressed the issue of the Flashback Trojan directly and has released an update which you can download here.

Not only has Apple changed its security message on their website, they’ve also released a security guide for their iOS operating system which is run on both the iPad and iPhone. You should also know that Apple has stopped supporting some of the older operating systems that are still being used by millions of people, which means that these OS systems are much more susceptible to getting infected.  So, if you can update… update!

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