Tech Germs

Okay… ready for a dose of unwanted reality?  Your tech gadgets can be dirtier than your typical toilet seat!  Ew!  Check out this somewhat disturbing infographic made by Keeping It Kleen:

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Alright… now that we have you so grossed out you won’t ever want to touch your keyboard, cell phone or good friend the remote control ever again … here are a few tips / items to get your tech gadgets nice and clean and inviting once again:

  1. Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Wand – For just under $70 this wand, using UV-C light, can kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria and allergens.  Just make sure that you wipe the handle of this little device every once in a while though too… it’s susceptible to germs also!
  2. Cyber Clean – This awesome Play-Doh like compound will absorb that nasty dirt and bacteria hiding out in those hard to reach places for just $8!
  3. Wireless Wipes – Get a pouch of these wipes for just about $3 and carry them with you wherever your sanitary needs take you!  They’re disposable and they spell pretty too, coming in three fresh scents: green tea cucumber, rosemary peppermint and pomegranate citrus.
  4. Toddy Cloth – So this guy named Todd loved checking out new gadgets at tech events, he just hated touching the same ones that everyone else was touching too.  So he created the Toddy Cloth – it’s a double sided cloth, one side is microfiber cloth with an antimicrobial coating and the other side will polish those gadgets to look good as new!  They’re reusable, environmentally friendly and come in some beautiful designs for just about $10 each!
  5. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – These great reusable cleaning cloths will clean your electronics while not scratching the surface of your device.  Since they come in a pack of 12 store one in each of your everyday spots… your work, your house, your car… that way whenever you need to clean your electronic device, there’s one ready for you!  Get a 12 pack for just $7!
  6. Qmadix Smudge-Free Dry-Foam Cleaner – This awesome Eco-Friendly foam formula will clean all of your mobile devices and electronics safely and with no icky residue or streaks.  Pick this up for just $9.99!
  7. Antec Screen Cleaning Kit – Travel Size – Take this handy dandy little kit with you to keep your electronic devices spick and span while on the go!  You’ll get an antibacterial 3x Strength Spray and microfiber cloth.  This will run you $12.99
  8. Soap + Water – nothing beats the good ol’ soap and water combo.  After using the bathroom, after eating, after sneezing… whenever… wash your hands!  A little regular washing with soap and water will go a long way… and it’s cheap too!

Now, we’re not sharing this with you to make you paranoid and have you walking around with gloves on.  It’s okay to get exposed to some of this nasty stuff so we can build up our immune systems.  But, a good cleaning of your devices doesn’t hurt every once in a while right?!

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