Keyboard Shortcuts = Time-Saving Awesomeness

So, you’re typing along and you need to delete one word or you need to save the document or maybe open a new one.  It’s such a hassle to move your hand from your keyboard all the way to your mouse to hover over the right part of the screen to select the right option to do whatever action you’re intending to do.  Well lucky for all of us there are some nifty keyboard shortcuts that can execute these little tasks quite quickly!  Check them out below:

  1. So you’re typing a document and then realize you need to add in a word somewhere in your document but you don’t want to go for your mouse and you don’t want to hit the back arrow and wait forever for it to get to the right spot… what to do.  You can move your curser one word at a time with this shortcut: “Ctrl” + “<–” (to go back into your document) or “–> to go forward into your document.
  2. Now if you want to select all of these words to either copy or delete them just add in the “Shift” key into the previous equation.  So… “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “<–” or “–>
  3. If you just want to skip the whole selecting part and you know you just want to delete some words then you can just do “Ctrl” + “Backspace”
  4. To select a whole line of words: “Shift” + “Home” or “Shift” + “End”
  5. To zoom in or out of a page: “Ctrl” + Scroll your mouse either forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out
  6. To return the screen back to normal: “Ctrl” + “0”
  7. Now this one is a fun sigh of relief trick… you accidentally clicked on the wrong tab and closed the wrong window!  Drats!  Well luckily you can reopen that tab by: “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “T” – you can now breathe a sigh of relief!
  8. Want to open a new tab?  Just click “Ctrl” + “T”
  9. Like what you see?  Take a screenshot by selecting “alt” + “Print Screen” or  “Prt Scr”
  10. You’re working away and you get the annoying little thinking circle… your page is frozen!  Ugh.  Lauch the task manager to see what’s wrong by selecting: “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc” – from here you can see which program is slowing you down.
  11. Going to lunch or into a meeting and don’t want anyone to mess with your computer while you’re away?  Simply lock it in seconds by selecting the “Windows Icon” + “L”
  12. Looking at something you shouldn’t be and someone comes creeping behind you… hide what you’re looking at quickly by selecting the “Microsoft Windows Icon” + “M” to minimize all of your windows.
  13. Or if you would rather just move to a different window select the “Microsoft Windows Icon” + “Tab” –  no one will ever know you were watching a cute cat video on YouTube…


If you would like a handy Keyboard Shortcut Guide to keep for easy viewing at your desk… print this PDF


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