Apple’s iOS6

Changes they are a-coming, but, not quite what we expected.  Apple had their WWDC Keynote in San Francisco yesterday and while some of the expectations were not met (no iPhone 5) other interesting updates were revealed.  See below:

Siri gets around:

–      Siri has partnered with Yelp, Open Table, Rotten Tomatoes and Yahoo!:

  • Yelp
    • Going someplace new?  Siri can give you user ratings, average cost of dinner, reviews and pictures of nearby restaurants.
  • Open Table
    • Like the restaurant you just reviewed on Yelp?  You can now make a reservation with Open Table.
  • Rotten Tomatoes
    • Your dinner date really isn’t that interesting so you need something cool to look at?  You can now watch movie trailers via Rotten Tomatoes.  Or if your night is going really well and you want to extend it with a movie date you can ask Siri to tell you what movies are playing at your nearest movie theater.
  • Yahoo!
    • Are you a sports fanatic?  Well, Siri can now get you all of your sports updates via Yahoo!

–      Siri can also launch apps, she’ll let you Tweet by voice and is multi-lingual.  She is available is English, French and German.  More languages to come in the near future.

–      Siri is now available on the iPad too!  Yippie!

Facebook Integration

–      Facebook is now part of iOS which means after setting it up on your phone you’ll be able to share photos, links, iTunes, videos and more with just the touch of a button… errr… screen.

–      Facebook events that you have responded to with a “Maybe” or “Yes” will be automatically added to your calendar as well as birthdays!

–      No more asking someone for their phone number, with the Facebook integration phone numbers will automatically appear in your contacts list

iOS6 Maps – Adios Google Maps!  Hello to Apple’s iOS6 Maps! 

–      All I have to say is Turn-By-Turn Navigation!  Yes please!

–      The new app integrates Yelp for destination needs

–      Siri can find what you’re looking for on your route: gas station, concert venue, grocery store

–      Siri can give you an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) – just ask Siri that annoying question… “Are we there yet?”

–      A traffic feature is in the works to show traffic condition, incidents along your route and will use anonymous crowd-sourced data in order to stay current with the road conditions.  (I’m assuming kind of how Waze works currently.)

–      iOS6 Maps will use vector based graphics which are cleaner to look at than Google’s bitmap graphics

–      There will be a 3D mode and a flyover mode


–      Are you a busy-bee and like to buy tickets online?  Well now you can store all of your passes/tickets in one place!  It will be a snap to grab your Starbucks before you hop on your United flight to go to that concert in that city you always wanted to visit and you won’t even have to pull out  your wallet or go digging for your tickets… it’s all right there on your phone!

–      Brands included in Passbook are: Starbucks, United, Fandango, Amtrack & Apple Store.

Guided Access:

–      Want to give your kid something to do, but don’t want them to mess up your phone’s settings or open something they shouldn’t?  Now, there’s guided access to help!  You can now lock an app when it is in use so that no other controls will be accessible.


–      Now you can FaceTime wirelessly!  No longer are the days of getting the annoying WiFi-only screen!

iOS6 has a new app with these new features:

–      Busy and don’t want to answer that call?  There are a few things you can do now:

  • Ignore the call, and send a message instead
  • Ignore the call and then be reminded to call them back after you leave a certain area with the new Geo-fence feature
  • DO NOT DISTURB – a new feature that won’t let calls or message alerts through.  But, if there is someone’s call or message you don’t want to block you can set who can get through the DO NOT DISTURB feature.

Available this fall, iOS6 will be supported on the following Apple products:

–      iPhone 4S

–      iPhone 4

–      iPhone 3GS

–      iPad2 as well as the new iPad

–      Fourth Generation iPad Touch

There were a couple of other cool features debuted at the keynote as well, but the above seem to be the most interesting to me.  Click here, if you’re interested in checking out the whole keynote event.

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