An easy way to check if your email got hacked

Not too long ago my mom’s email got hacked.  She would send me an email and I would try to reply… but instead of going to her it got sent to a similar, but different email.  The emails were so similar that it was hardly noticeable at a glance.  And then of course there are those emails that I’ve received from friends that are OBVIOUSLY not coming from the person.  Luckily, there’s a quick and easy way to catch these little annoying hacks.  All you have to do is set up a fake email account.  That way, if and when a bot starts sending out spam, you will get an undeliverable email notice.

Set up the fake email account into your contacts – so something like

When the bot tries to send an email to that address you’ll almost immediately get notified.

If your email does get compromised, reset your password.  Don’t forget to use numbers, symbols and CAPS if possible.  Also if your email gets hacked be sure to check your settings and see if your email is getting forwarded to another account.  So, even if you reset your password the hacker will get notified if they’ll get notified of the new password since they’re getting your emails forwarded to them.  If your emails are getting forwarded to an unrecognizable email, remove them from the forwards, reset your password and you should be golden.

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