Quick steps to check your iPhone Data Usage


So, you have a handy-dandy-amazing-spectacular-super-duper-iPhone!  Yippie!  You’ve  probably been using it for a while taking video, snapping pictures, downloading music and various fun apps… but, do you know how much data you’re actually using on that rad little device?  Here are a few simple ways for you to check:

–        If you’re an AT&T subscriber, log into your account via their homepage at (www.att.com) and create a billing report:

  • “Bills and Payments”
    • “Create Billing Report”
      • “Data Usage Trend”
        • Vuala!  You’ll get a detailed graph showing you just how much data you are using.

–        If you’re a Sprint subscriber, Head to www.mysprint.sprint.com

  • “My Sprint”
    • “My Device & Media”
      • Login to check your data usage!

–        If you’re a Verizon subscriber:

  • You can find online by accessing your account here.
  • Or you can simply send a text message to #DATA (#3282) to find out how much data you’ve used during the current bill cycle
  • Verizon also has a really nifty Data Usage Calculator so you can easily determine roughly how much data you will use each month


–        Or, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of logging into any of your accounts and would just rather use your nifty iPhone, here’s how you do that:

  • On your iPhone go to your “Settings” (usually located on the home screen of your phone)
    • “General” (towards the bottom when you first arrive on the “settings” page)
      • “Usage” (third option down)
        • Scroll to the bottom to see your “Cellular Usage”
          • You can see your sent and received data amounts and can even reset it to keep track – kind of like when gauging how many mpg’s you’re car is getting when resetting your speedometer