IT Assessment and Planning

Current equipment such as PCs, printers and other peripherals, can often be integrated – allowing you to use current hardware in new ways.  New technology choices flood the market on a daily basis; we help you navigate to the right choices for your business.  We first evaluate the current infrastructure with our detailed assessment and planning tools.  Then whether you need an entirely new state-of-the-art network or are just looking for some help with specific issues, we’re here for you.

A well designed technology plan is critical in helping your company achieve it’s business objectives.  Our detailed planning is configured based upon your needs and often includes:

  • Development of internal hardware and software inventories
  • Creation of appropriate network documentation
  • Assessment of internal business processes
  • Staffs skill assessments
  • Identification of critical immediate issues
  • Development of technology plan based upon business priority and budget
  • Creation of a disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Development of project scopes, milestones and budgets
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