Tech Trends to watch our for in 2013

2013 is here!

2013 brings new and exciting technology challenges and opportunities for you to consider!  With the New Year and the ever-changing technology innovations out there at your fingertips companies can now use these new tools and strategies to position themselves in the best way possible with less risk.  Below are some possible trends to watch for which will help your company make smart IT decisions in 2013:

Trend #1: A bright focus on Cloud interoperability

People love the cloud, they love the idea of the cloud, but they also like their old tried and true ways of the past as well.  So now more organizations are adopting a hybrid public / private approach.  This can mean a couple of things:

  1. Integrating the private cloud of an organization with other public clouds in a secure manner
  2. Enhance an internal private cloud with additional storage, computing, or cooling resources from a public cloud

In order to make sure these hybrid environments play nice, are cost effective and productive it is crucial to implement vendor-agnostic management and monitoring solutions.

Trend #2: Private Clouds are more cost effective

It’s becoming more and more expensive to run data centers which are eating up more power, more cooling and more space.  Because of this, private and hybrid clouds will gain popularity due to the cost savings.

Trend #3: Personal Devices and Virtualization

These days everyone has their own personal devices they like to use for work needs as well.  Before having two different profiles… a work one and a personal one caused many to carry around multiple devices… an android for work and iPhone for personal use (for example).  Now with virtualization, it doesn’t matter what device you’re on… you will be able to access any of your accounts, personal or work, on any device – securely.  Issues of security and identity challenges still need to be fine-tuned… but it’s on its way.

Prediction: Cyber Security Education

As more and more people shift their important information and data to the cloud, Cyber Security must become a top priority for the US Government in 2013.  The public will need to be educated on how to properly and safely store your information in the cloud.

Moving Forward

It’s more important now than ever to be smarter about IT and proactive with the available options to your organization.  Managing and monitoring these ever-changing environments is critical to success.

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