Our Company

Our Company

We Make IT work. — In a nutshell that’s what we do and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  We’re customer focused, reliable and professional.  We care about our business and yours.


Experience… you could say we have experience. We’ve been at this for over 30 years, starting out small, playing our cards right and proving ourselves to our loyal clients over and over again allowing us to grow into the company we are today. We know talent when we see it and seek to provide our clients with the best-of-the-best. Our technicians and consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that your company’s technology needs are taken care of in a quick and professional manner. KLH Consulting employees are consistently updating their skills through training and certifications in today’s latest technologies and applications from trusted companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, HP and Avaya. At KLH Consulting, we strive to provide you with everything you could ever need from a business application, IT outsourcing and cloud computing provider at a fair price. We are here to make your IT life a little bit easier.


IT technologies are ever-changing with constant updates, software upgrades, and new technologies. At KLH Consulting, we understand that it is our job to be up-to-date on these technologies and to bring them to you when they can help your business thrive. When you have a question, we are here to answer it and help you through any technical difficulties you may be experiencing. We listen, identify needs and then create and implement solutions to resolve the issue at hand. Our Help Desk team is staffed with certified experienced technicians to help you with any of your technological needs.


Where would we be without the assistance of technology? We depend on technology to get us through our busy workdays and rely on it to work. At KLH Consulting we are here to ensure that your technology needs are met. Our technicians are committed to knowing the latest technology trends and how to effectively apply them enabling you and your company to work more productively. If new technologies are implemented, our KLH Consulting team is here to train your staff on how to use them properly and after the training is done our Help Desk is here when you need them.

About Us

It’s our mission to provide the highest quality IT solutions available, such that technology enables your business to thrive.

We work hard to ensure that your business is up and running helping our community to thrive through your profitability. We respect this community we live in and spend time participating in and supporting it both as a profitable business and as a support structure to non-profits as well. Some of the non-profits we support include:

  • Food Banks
  • Health Services Delivery Companies
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Internship Programs for today’s youth

Working with KLH Consulting is like having your own IT department on-site all the time, without the expense of full time resources. KLH Consulting lets you focus on your business success, not your technology.